discover the most important details of wado with sakagami, may & AJ sensei

this seminar has been rescheduled due to corona. 

new date will be announced as soon as possible

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    Discover Hands-on Actionable Training Methodes that take you STRAIGHT TO THE NEXT LEVEL without having to worry you're not super-talented, have enough time, materials or stamina.
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    Sakagami and AJ reveal FUNDAMENTAL CORE PRINCIPLES and how-to execute them physically so you can implement them straight away when you're back in the Dojo.
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    Turn questionmarks into Laser Focus with KEY POINTS THAT MATTER so you can focus on what's important.

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It's happening. 25, 26 & 27 September 2020

Who's teaching?


Kuniaki Sakagami

8th Dan Wadokai

Simply enjoy the knowledge and skill of Sakagami sensei, one of the last remaining Japanse instructors that received personal instruction from Ohtsuka sensei.

Sakagami Sensei is one of the best Martial Artist I have seen. I respect him a lot, because he has his own movement.

Kazumasa Yokoyama, 7th Dan Shorin Ryu


AJ van Dijk

5th Dan Wadokai

AJ sensei has 20 years of training under Japanese supervision that lead to his broad and in-depth knowledge which he can apply. You'll notice by his clear explanations and demonstrations. That, plus his effective Taining Methodes allow you to learn faster.

AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. He will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate.

Nobuyuki Nukina, 6th Dan Wadokai

Do you know all Kihon Kumite and Kumite Gata in detail?

It's Wado's core. Including applications, variations and effective training methods. 

But no fuss about your right foot. We look at how you move and what you can do NOW to improve that. Result: not just a better stance, but also a better position, more effecient movement, more speed and power (instead of hearing that your foot should be a bit more to the right).

Body movement is key and our cues are specifically meaningful for YOU. It doesn't matter whether you're 14 with orange belt- of 44 with a 4th Dan.

We always teach you YOUR NEXT STEP.


>> key points

A key point is not "step and punch" or "twist your hip". A Key point is something specific to pay attention to what DIRECTLY affects the quality of your technique (and we'll keep it simple so you can use it right away).


That's right: And that's why you won't do basics like that at our seminar (and especially not because 'it's part of it')

We use basics to...

...determin your level, so we can teach exactly what you need instead of running through a set program. So it's useful.

...practise fundamental concepts that directly improve your quality. the foundation for the rest of the seminar: Kihon, Kata and Kumite are connected so you'll learn the fundamentals holistically (not isolated just to Junzuki or Kihon Kumite 2 for example).

No doubt about it: You go home with holistic understanding instead of learning 'number four'.

EXAMPLE: We're focussing on the shoulder. During Junzuki, we emphasise how to use the shoulder and you discover specifically tuned training methods. Next, you learn Kihon Kumite and Kumite Gata (for example) AND how to use the same element again. You don't just learn #4, but also how to execute it well.


>> highlighted kata

Every seminar, certain Kata are highlighted... This time: Kushanku & Chinto. Are you interested in another Kata? We don't teach you details that are only applicable to Chinto, but fundamental principles that you can apply to ALL Kata (your favorite too).


We don't tweak the form...

We always look at HOW to use your body. If you timing is OK.

You learn how and why, so that you can improve your Karate without having to worry that we may do things differently than you're used to.

EXAMPLE >> Watch how Sakagami Sensei attacks the ribs with Nakadaka Ipponken. 

Imagine you're used to atticking the armpit, then the LEAST important we tell you is that you're supposed to attack the ribs...

  • We look at the stance you use, and if that contributes to your power outpout. 

  • We analyse your body movement and give you tips that YOU need to improve your movement.

  • We look for fundamental components you can work on (that are unrelated to how you performthe kata formwise).

wat participants say about our seminars...

Albert Bouma 2nd Dan

Je krijgt aanwijzingen die het verschil maken

Wat je hier leert brengt je Wado echt naar een hoger niveau. Ik krijg diepere inzichten die ik nooit ergens anders heb gehoord. De tijd wordt niet gewoon gevuld met oefeningen... Je krijgt echt aanwijzingen die het verschil maken. Iedere keer lichten ze weer een aantal andere boeiende facetten van het Wado uit.

Hans over de Vest 3e Dan

Een bron van inspiratie

Het is altijd leuk om Sakagami en May sensei weer te zien. Misschien omdat hij me doet denken aan Ishikawa. Het is machtig om weer met regelmaat bij een Japanse sensei te kunnen trainen - net als vroeger. De stages zijn voor mij telkens weer een bron van inspiratie. En ook niet onbelangrijk: de sfeer is hier veel relaxter dan bij andere stages...

Fabio Luisa 1st Kyu

Informational, awakening and highly motivating

AJ and Sakagami sensei’s teaching is really involving, encouraging you to ask questions and the atmosphere is really nice.

Both instructors are extremely competent and skilled. They give clear explanations and plenty of valuable insights, providing me with the tools to improve.

I’m excited to share what I learned with my Sensei and Kohai and because of this seminar, I set my goals higher.

From now on for example, I'm working on the shoulder blade movement and the awareness of Seichusen following the advices and methods taught by AJ.

Eco Kleefstra 3rd Dan

Ik ontdek elke keer wat nieuws

Met Sakagami en AJ sensei ga je echt de diepte in. Voor sommige stages moet je tijd maken en dit is er één van: Ik ontdek elke keer wat nieuws. En ook niet onbelangrijk: er hangt een bijzonder toegankelijke sfeer.

Chris Whittam 3rd Dan

I take away specific tasks that I now include in my practice

It is clear AJ knows what he is talking about!

I was highly impressed with the technical content of both the techniques and his way of teaching. AJ guides and explaines in general as well as on a personal level - looking specifically for what I need. That allows me to focus on how and what to move so that I can work on my own abilities.

His seminars give me loads of ideas and suggestions and I take away specific tasks that I now include in my practice.

All in all I have to say that AJ’s seminar is time well spent.

Andy Ardelean 4th Dan

After AJ's seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch

AJ sensei always knows exactly what I need to focus on to take my karate to the next level.

He is the only instructor I know who focuses on key points rather than just form. That’s why you gain a lot of practical insights as well as theoretical knowledge, making each of his seminars a unique experience.

AJ sensei’s teaching method and demonstrations are also clear and logical. After his seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch.

Neil Bennett 1st Dan

The Aston Martin of Karate teaching.....

I really enjoyed myself by receiving quality instruction balanced with patients and belief. At no time I felt criticised. In fact, I always felt confident that every element was improving my standards as a student of Wado. There was so much content to take away from the seminar, especially because their words hit home fast encouraging progression, confidence and self belief.

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Karate in Gorinchem
Karate in Gorinchem

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Gymzaal "Schuttersplein"
Stalkaarsen 17A
4205 PG Gorinchem

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I really liked you don’t just do techniques on AJ sensei’s count and get general phrases like “better your hip movement” or so (which I see at other seminars). AJ teaches key points, watches your techniques and then he advances on those key points interactive.

I would like to join again a seminar with AJ and his crew, not only for the results, but also to just talk again with all of them. They didn´t play a role, they were authentic.

Andreas Boger, 1st Dan