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Learn Traditional Wadokai Tanto Dori Feat Sakagami & Nukina Sensei

You are fortunate enough that I got a "YES" from both of them to do a photoshoot. One of the topics we covered were Tanto Dori, which you can find in this book.

A total of 5 Tanto Dori are presented with full color images and straight to the point commentary so you can implement easily.

summer camp 2012
€ 4

Enjoy 29 Pages PACKED With Technical Content

Honestly. I don't know how but I had time to work a full week to produce this review.

It contains detailed descriptions of the techniques covered, along with pictures that show you exactly what it's all about.

If you love Karate theory, this is a must have!

principles of karate

€ 8

Discover The Fundamental Components Of Meotode And Applications

I am proud to inform you that I was able to assist Kazumasa Yokoyama to complete "Principles Of Karate" back in 2015.

This eBook contains all philosophy chapters and includes the full chapter on Meotode. 

You learn the fundamental Kamae that is the origin of all movement that controls Seichusen and the opponent.

wado no michi

€ 8

Discover In Depth Details On All Ohyo Kumite

Study the manual and discover:

✅ exact DETAILS of all Ohyo Kumite - beyond 'twist hip' and 'step and punch'.

✅ what the PURPOSE of the series is - way deeper than 'semi free fighting' or 'prepare for sparring'.

✅ what MINDSET you should have - and how that affects your training and your skill.

✅ HOW you should practise - so you benefit from what it is designed for.

wadokai seminar footage

Wadokai Seminar
day one
€ 27

access The explanations as if you were there

Although I record all my seminars, this is the first one that I deliberately filmed. And for a good reason: 

Instead of sharing some exercises or explanations, you can access ALL OF IT.

Whether you are Freemium or Pro - purchase this one seperately to get Lifetime Access.

Wadokai Seminar
day two
€ 27

Coming soon

Coming soon

Wado Ryu Seminar


enjoy ohtsuka sensei's senior student hajime takashima in action: performance & explanation

Ishikawa Sensei was on good terms with Takashima Sensei and invited him often to Holland to teach a seminar.

This footage is from 1998, which includes Kihon Kumite and Ura Waza.

If you want a look into the history of Wado techniques from the founder...

...sit back and enjoy!