Slide the back foot for Tobikomizuki or not?

You learn not only what, but also why and how so you can apply the principle to ALL that you do (not just the techniques from the seminar)


Join the 17th Wado Masters Course feat Sakagami & AJ Sensei

It's happening. 27 & 28 September 2019.


years Wado experience


seminars taught


students trained

At The Seminar You Will:

Learn Hands-on Actionable Training Methods that take you STRAIGHT TO THE NEXT LEVEL without wasting time.

Discover the FUNDAMENTAL CORE PRINCIPLES and how to apply them physically so you can implement them first thing when you are back in the Dojo.

Change your unfocused gaze into laserlike focus with KEY POINTS THAT MATTER so you can concentrate on what's important.

"AJ sensei always knows exactly what I need to focus on to take my karate to the next level. After his seminar I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch."
Andy Ardelean - 4th Dan Wadokai

Been To Wado Seminars Before?

Sakagami Kumite Gata 2

Do you know all Kihon Kumite and Kumite Gata in detail?

It's Wado's core. Including applications, variations and effective training methods.

But no fuss about your right foot. Body movement is key.

"Sakagami Sensei is one of the best Martial Artist I have seen. I respect him a lot, because he has his own movement."
K. Yokoyama - 7th Dan Kenshin-Kaikan

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I learned the Kata this way

No worries:
Sakagami sensei doesn't touch your form.

He always looks at HOW you use your body. If your timing is ok. He asks questions that get you thinking...

You learn the what, why and how to improve your Kata.

Peter May Sensei Kihon

Change pointless basics in a focused training

Like a zombie up and down the Dojo is the past.

Learn to move your body efficiently. Generate more power. "Naturally".

Basics are trained with key points that make the difference so you develop. Instantly.

"AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. He will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate."
Nobuyuki Nukina - 6th Dan Wadokai

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Experience the atmosphere yourself

You learn the most in optimal, goal enhancing conditions. And we take EVERYTHING into account.

To learn and experience is key.

prices go up soon and tickets are limited


Kuniaki Sakagami & AJ van Dijk
8th & 5th Dan Wadokai


27 & 28 September 2019
Friday: 18.30 - 21.30 hrs
Saturday: 11.30 - 14.30 hrs
Stalkaarsen 17a, 4205PG, Gorinchem


>> Highlighted Kata are Kushanku and Chinto
>> Focus on principles and key points that matter
>> Stressing the What, Why and How
>> Instructors Q&A after the seminar


Gold: Free
Silver: 25/1, 40/2 days
Bronze: 30/1, 50/2 days
Non-members: 35/1, 65/2 days

4 Experienced Karateka who attend seminars on a regular basis said this about the Wado Masters Courses: 

Hans over de Vest
3rd Dan Wadokai

A Source of Inspiration

It is always nice to see Sakagami and May sensei again. Maybe because he reminds me of Ishikawa. It's great to be able to practise regularly with a Japanese sensei - just like the old days. The courses are always a source of inspiration for me. And not unimportant: the atmosphere here is much more relaxed than with other courses...
Albert Bouma
2nd Dan Wadokai & Author Kata Bunkai Basics

You get cues and clues that make the difference

What you learn here will really take your Wado to a higher level. I get deeper insights that I have never heard anywhere else.Time is not just filled with exercises... No - you get clues that make the difference. Every time they explain a number of other fascinating facets of the Wado.
Andy Ardelean
4th Dan Wadokai

After AJ's seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch

AJ sensei always knows exactly what I need to focus on to take my karate to the next level. He is the only instructor I know who focuses on key points rather than just form. You gain a lot of practical insights as well as theoretical knowledge, making each of his seminars a unique experience. AJ senseis teaching method and demonstrations are also clear and logical. After his seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch.
Eco Kleefstra
3rd Dan Wadokai

I discover something new each and every time

With Sakagami and AJ sensei you really dig into the core of Wado. For some course you have to make time and this is one of them: I discover something new every time. What makes it even better is the particularly accessible atmosphere.

2 days + 6 hours = 100% Wado

Upgrade your Skill with Sakagami and AJ Sensei.


Simply enjoy the knowledge and skill of Sakagami sensei, one of the last remaining Japanse instructors that received personal instruction from Ohtsuka sensei.


AJ sensei has 20 years of training under Japanese supervision that lead to his broad and in-depth knowledge which he can apply. You'll notice by his clear explanations and demonstrations. That, plus his effective Taining Methodes allow you to learn faster.

prices go up soon and tickets are limited

Questions? Call or mail me (AJ) at +31610798663 and