Using your elbow for Sonobazuki

Squeezing the elbow

Sonobazuki is the most basic punch there is within Karate. This Japanese writing その場 means Sonoba, which translates into "on the spot". The Kanji 場 itself means place. 

Although you can use several different kind of stances for practice, I have chosen to use Naihanchi dachi, which is the standard choice for Wado techniques and internal development. 

In this blog I would like to share a trainingmethod with you, which empasises squeezing the elbow. Have a look at the pictures below, where you can see the transition between the punches clearly. Trainingwise, you can actually do the transition, so that you can emphasise squeezing the elbow. I demonstrate this method in the video where I also mention the keypoints.

Trainingmethod for Sonobazuki

0. Kamae

1a. Transition

1b. Tsuki