Training method for Enpi

What is the meaning of 猿臂?

猿 En = Monkey
臂 Pi = Elbow

猿臂 = Enpi = Elbow strike

Enpi is a nickname for elbow strike. Other names used are Hiji ate and Hiji uchi. You can use your elbow to deliver a lot of impact on short range, but also to stab during a struggle or to create space when someone tries to take hold of you.

Variantions of Enpi

As you can see in the video, there are several different kinds of Enpi. For example, there is Age enpi, Ushiro enpi, Mawashi enpi and Yoko enpi, which I show in the video and also in that sequence. The method shown is excellent to practise Enpi and also to practise different kinds of body movement and stances. Stay creative yourself, as these four forms are not all that exist. Below you will find an enumeration of different kinds of Enpi.

  • Mae enpi (forward)
  • Mawashi enpi (circular)
  • Age enpi (upward)
  • Otoshi (Tate) enpi (downward)
  • Yoko enpi (sideways)
  • Ushiro enpi (backward)
  • Otoshi mawashi enpi (diagonally downward)
  • Naname age enpi (schuin omhoog)