Sukui uke - Kata and Ohyo

Detail of Sukui uke from Kushanku

Although you can discuss the amount of movements in Kushanku, it seems easier -and perhaps also more appropriate- to use the numbers as Ohtsuka sensei did. In his book, where the nine Kata of Wado are demonstrated and explained, Sukui uke from Kushanku is the 54th movement.

Application of Sukui uke

Sukui means scoop, which in case of application can mean that you catch Maegeri by bringing your arm underneath the kick. To execute this technique in one movement, you have to get quite close to your opponent. You can use Irimi to move to the right place and execute Sukui uke. After Sukui uke as I demonstrate it in this video, a takedown is the most logical next step.

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