Stretching routine after my morning run

My alarm wakes me up every morning at 5:45 AM, which allows me to have coffee at 06:00, do some work on the laptop and be ready at 06:45 / 07:00 AM for my morning session. My early morning training varies a lot, but I do have my preferred templates. One of the trainings that I do are jogging (3,5 KM) followed by a good 10 minute stretch. I filmed the routine that I am following at the moment, which you can see in the video.

I do each stretch for 30 seconds, or at least, I will be reminded by a sound that I have to continue to the next stretch every 30 seconds. So effectively, I stretch between 20 and 30 seconds. I did not cut anything from the video, so you can stretch along with me if you like to do that. What helps me tremendously personally to complete the 30 seconds is using a timer. The sound is idea, because I do not have to keep my eye on the clock which allows me to focus completely on each exercise. 

For those interested, I use an app called IntervalTimer: There is a free version and also a version that you have to pay for. I started with the free version, but quickly bought it as the range of possibilities grows. You can add an unlimited amount and more complex routines. I recommend using this app to anyone.