Friends of Wadokai Holland

Become a friend of Wadokai Holland

If you live outside of Holland but still want to join several of our Events each year and are keen on discounts on our books and DVDs, you might want to think about becoming a Friend of Wadokai Holland!

Since we can only accept regular membership from students and Dojo from Holland, we have come up with a "Friends of Wadokai Holland" membership. In this way we hope to please Karateka such as you, who take the effort to visit our small country to join our Events. As a Friend of Wadokai Holland you will receive discounts on our Products and Events, access to Members Only Events as well as discount in case of inviting our instructors for a seminar in your Dojo.

The height of the discount depends on whether you chose to take the Silver or the Gold Friend membership.

*Lodging and training at our annual summer course is not included 

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