Kote nage dori

Ukemi takes left stance, with the knife in his right hand and the saya in his left. In this tanto dori called Kote Nage Dori, Torimi takes right stance (by some instructors done in left stance).

Ukemi does an ayumi ashi and brings the knife up during the movement and finally down to attack from above. Torimi opens his body to the right and grips the hand from above. 

Torimi then counterattacks quickly using jodanzuki. Make sure to maintain the grip as you do not want Ukemi to attack again easily.

Continuously, Torimi manipulates the joint of Ukemi's wrist as he pulls him slightly out of balance and clears the way to kick and follow with a throw.

Torimi executes chudangeri. In this demonstration maegeri is used, but other instructors might teach mawashigeri, it does not matter too much.

Torimi continuously moves in for the throw. Notice the position of Torimi's front leg and the position of his hip.

When the throw is completed, Torimi should follow Ukemi smoothly and apply an armlock with the inside of his knee. Torimi makes sure to hold the hand which is holding the knife firmly, to support the locking of the joint. To finalise, Torimi could execute a shuto to Ukemi's nose, but it is not necessary to do so.