Kihon Kumite 8

Characteristics of Kihon Kumite 8

Kihon Kumite consists of a series of 10 techniques, which are part of the core of Wado technical partner training. Today, we would like to share number eight called Hachihonme in Japanese. A characteristic of Kihon Kumite 8 is the use of the elbow, which we shed some light on throughout this blog. The elbow is used primairily for the following movements:

  • Uchi uke (first movement) - Execute Uchi uke from the elbow, not from the fist, bringing the elbow to the inside.
  • Hiji uke (second movement) - Execute Hiji uke from the elbow, doing a virtually inverted movement of Uchi uke in the upward direction.
  • Yoko enpi (fourth movement) - Execute Hiji ate by pushing your elbow forward directly.

Have a look at the pictures, where we demonstrate Kihon Kumite 8. Like our Kata presentations, we mention the stance used and the name of the technique. You can see the execution and explanation of this series in the video.

Footage of the 26th Wado Course

Kihon Kumite 8

0. Migi hanmi chudan gamae
Tate seishan dachi 

1a. Tobikomizuki 
1b. Uchi uke - 
Tate seishan dachi  

1a. Gyakuzuki 
1.b Hiji uke - 
Shiko dachi

3. Gedan nagashizuki - Mahanmi dachi

3. Yoko enpi - Shiko dachi 

3. Morote shuto uke - Seishan dachi