Kihon Kumite 1

What is the meaning of 基本 組手?

The Kanji 基本組手 mean Kihon Kumite. 

基本 is often translated as basic and 組手 as fight, but also as meeting hands. If you take it a step further and look at the Kanji individually you might come to the following logic translation: (I especially say 'logic', because 本 also means 'book' which will not help you in this case.  

基: Basic, origin, source, cause.

本: Original, real.

組: Associate, construct, assemble, grapple. 

手: Hand

You could conclude that Kihon Kumite is a fysical training to gain more knowledge and skill of the foundation of interaction between people.

What is Kihon Kumite?

Kihon gumite is a method to teach the basic elements of the interaction between you and your opponent. It teaches the principles of movement and taking control over your body when interacting with an opponent.

The Urawaza, Kumite no Ura or kumite gata -several different names are used for the same kind of techniques- teach the principles of movement and the principles of controlling the body of the opponent. It is like first learning how to talk, read and write and then eventually being able to write an essay, discuss matters, debate etcetera. Wado really is an educational system in order to finally harmonise with the laws of nature.

Demonstration of Kihon Kumite 1

Both Ukemi and Torimi take Kamae by stepping forward and backward after bowing from Shizentai (called Tachi Rei or Ritsu Rei). It is striking that Torimi always takes right stance in Kihon Kumite. Officially, this posture is called "Migi hanmi chudan gamae".

After correcting the distance, Ukemi executes Tobikomizuki. Torimi controls Maai and executes Jodan nagashi soto uke. Torimi implies an attack with this distance. 

A Wado philosophy is "San Mi Ittai", which means to join three elements into one. These elements are Ten I, Ten Tai and Ten Gi, which AJ sensei explains using this first movement of Kihon Kumite 1 in the following video.

Ukemi follows Torimi and executes Chudan gyakuzuki. Torimi emphasises Taisabaki and absorbs the attack as he counters with Ipponken. Torimi controls Ukemi at the same time with his right arm, which is ready to attack.