Keypoints of Junzuki no tsukkomi

Unique for Wado

Junzuki no tsukkomi is one of the formal basic techniques of Wado Ryu Karate. Unique is, that this technique is not practiced in other styles. Perhaps in application, but not as a basic technique. Naturally Junzuki no tsukkomi consists of various elements that are also present in other techniques, but a few elements are unique for this movement. You can reduce this to three components:

  1. The stance Junzuki no tsukkomi dachi (it even has its own name)
  2. The transition from one to the other
  3. The position of Hikite

I will give away the most important things that you need to know to practise Junzuki no tsukkomi in a proper manner. Also, I have listed some facts below and share some fun tidbits.

This weeks video

Three important points to note

The stance

  • The line of the inside of the front foot should point straight forward.
  • The line of the inside of the back foot should point to the side.


  • The stance is not done by positioning your feet, but rather due to the dynamic of the movement.
  • A 90 degree angle is called Chogaku in Japanese.
  • Tsukkomi does not mean lean or reach, but penetrate.

The transition

  • Lean forward in the beginning.
  • Erect your body while moving.
  • At the end  you should lean forward again.


  • You can generate more power from a straight to leaning transition than a leaning to leaning one.

Position of Hikite

  • HIkite should point diagonally backwards instead of straight back.


  • Hikite means retracting hand.