Key points of Ido Kihon Gyakuzuki

Every specific movement has its own specific key points. In this blog, I am going to address three key points of the movement that occurs between one Gyakuzuki and the other. In other words, when you move from right Gyakuzuki to left Gyakuzuki, what are the main points to pay attention to? If you move, the following three things are of importance:

  • Maintenance of Seichusen as you move your body through Seichusen.
  • Opening your body (twist outwards) during the movement.
  • Push your fist through Seichusen.

I demonstrate the mentioned key points in the video from several different angles and execute the technique slowly as well as with performance pace. The series below illustrate the key points by using several figures that emphasise the concept.

Maintain Seichusen and spin around your axis

Push your first through Seichusen