Keiko and Renshu

The essential difference between Keiko and Renshu


Renshu is the militaristic, almost compulsory repeating of movement, which is good to develop feeling and experience. However, training the wrong way ends up in insufficient and unwanted results.

It is easy to develop bad habits that can be hard to get rid of on the long term.

To automate

Renshu can be viewed as automating, as it is viewed in education (teaching). However, before automating can take place, it is wiser to first get the hang of the movement to prevent learning it the wrong way in the first place. 



Improving certain movements happens by thinking as you train, by adjusting the tempo and conciously paying attention to that part of the technique that has to be improved. Next to physical execution you have to be busy constantly with what? how? why? This is called Keiko. In education it is viewed as practicing. (Practicing is not the best translation, but the best I could come up with).

The meaning of 稽古

Together, the Kanji means practice or training. The Kanji also have a meaning seperately.

This Kanji means think 稽 and the other means old 古. The word suggests, that we, as a person from a new generation in the current time aiming for the future, can learn from the knowlegde and experience that previous generations have found.

This study attitude is called Keiko and is expected and necessary to have if you want to develop.

Best of both worlds

The ideal training consist of a mix of Keiko and Renshu. And more importantly is timing.

For example, if you are preparing for grading or a demonstration, it is not advisable to try to improve your technique a week or even a month beforehand. In such a case, Renshu is the best trainingmethod to use.

Keiko is a way of training that is good to use when you learn a new technique, or if you intend to improve some kind of technical aspect.

It may happen that both styles are used within one training. During our Examen Trainings you receive personal guidance that is also aimed at how to prepare for grading in the best way. We will give you practical tips to apply Keiko and Renshu at the right time for your training.