How to make a proper fist?

What does 正拳 mean?

正 = Sei = Correct or the right way
拳 = Ken = Fist

正拳, which means Seiken, can therefore be translated as correct fist or proper way to make a fist. For those who are in the possession of the translation of Ohtsuka sensei's book.. It says "Righteousness of the fist". Sei can indeed be translated as righteousness, but is quite unusual as this is normally used to describe behaviour of people. Correct, proper or right way is a better translation.

The correct way means that you make your fist in such a way, that if you strike it will result in no or minimum damage of yourself and that you can transfer the most of your power. The condition for making a correct fist is not just the shape of the fist. On the contrary, you can see the shape as shell. If the shell is empty and any contents are absent you cannot call it a correct fist. A correct fist contains therefore at least the following two conditions:

  • The proper shape of the fist
  • The "alignment" of the fist up until the shoulder. 

In this blog I show you step by step how to make a correct fist and in the video I will address the proper alignment which should run up to the shoulder. Additionally, I share several trainingmethods that can help you develop a correct fist.

The shape of the fist

The shape of the fist means how it looks from the outside. Making a correct fist is done in this way:

The shape does not tell you anything about the quality and the content of the fist though. One of the possible points of discussion is the position of the thumb, which I talk about in this video.