The Executive committee of Wadokai Holland

The executives:

  • President: A.J. van Dijk
  • Vice President: R. Cuppers

WKNL Event instructors: 

  • Chief Instructor: A.J. van Dijk
  • Senior Instructor: R. Cuppers

Guest instructors:


  • Guest Master instructor: K. Sakagami, Wado Ryu 
  • Guest Master instructor: P. May, Wado Ryu 
  • Guest Master instructor: K. Yokoyama, Shorin Ryu
  • Guest instructor: J.P. Tornatore, Sport Karate Kumite

Wadokai Nederland is developing with AJ sensei as the driving force.

A.J. van Dijk, born 11 juni 1984 in Gorinchem, Netherlands, started training Karate in September 1998. After 7 years of training and study he started his own Dojo in 2005 on request and under supervision of the late N. Ishikawa Sensei.

With the guidence of Ishikawa, Nukina, Sakagami, May and Yokoyama sensei, he developed himself further as director and technical head of Wadokai Nederland and is the General Secretary of FEW Federation European Wadokai since 2012.

In 2014, he was asked to take the position of Director and Technical Advisor of Wadokai Belgium. Furthermore, AJ Sensei often goes abroad to teach or train under his peers.

Apart from his Karate activities, AJ Sensei has two Bachelors on teaching. He is in the possession of a Primary school teaching degree and a 2nd degree which concerns teaching students ranging from 11 - 18 years old and is currently full-time teaching Economics and Trading at a High School.

AJ Sensei has written a number of books about Karate as well as on teaching, launched several DVDs and is currently busy with several new projects. His professional educational background together with his training and study under Japanese supervision, shaped him into the person he is today.