Our events

Our Events

We organise several Wado specific seminars throughout the year. Basically the following Events are interesting and worthy for students who have to travel to join us:

Wado Courses, instructed by AJ sensei. This is a 3 hour course, held on Saturdays. If you are coming over to join us however, you can also participate in the Dojo training on Friday. Contact us in advance if you are keen on joining us!

Wado Masters Courses, instructed by Sakagami and May sensei. This is a three-day event. Let us know if you need any asistance or advice regarding accommodation. 

Summer Camp, instructed by Sakagami, May and AJ sensei. If you love Wado, just don't miss it.

Furthermore, if you want to discover the principles of Karate and perhaps also the enrichment of Kobudo training, Yokoyama Kancho's Karate Masters Course is an event to add to your wish list.

We also organise an annual instructors course, regular Exam trainings and Squadtrainings.

Exam training, AJ, Roeland & Dion sensei:
Work towards your grading under personal guidance or strive to learn the Wado Curriculum under the watchful eyes of the examinars of Wadokai Holland.

Squad training, AJ & JP sensei from Wadokai Belgium:
In preparation of the annual European Wadokai Karate Championships, members of Wadokai Holland participate in Squad training Kata and Kumite.

The instructors course is a members only event.


Book a seminar

If you are interested to invite AJ sensei to teach at your Dojo, feel free to e-mail to info@wadokai.nl and inform us about the details.

The following video contains records of AJ sensei teaching in Germany, on invitation of Mr. Peter Hoffmann.

Feel free to visit the homepage of Karate Weinheim and checkout the review that they wrote about AJ sensei's seminar here