Wadokai Nederland is affiliated to FEW, JKF Wadokai & Aiwakai


Federation European Wadokai 

Wado Aiwakai Karatedo Federation

 Japan Karatedo Federation Wadokai

Apart from national developments, Wadokai Nederland has direct ties with FEW, Federation European Wadokai. We are also a member of Sakagami sensei's federation called Aiwakai. Aiwakai means "those who love to study and practice Wado Karate", so it is not a suprise that we follow Sakagami sensei's Karate. Furthermore, our Honbu Dojo is a registred Branch Dojo of JKF-Wadokai. This means that our members can take Dan grading and have it registred at JKF-Wadokai. Although it is perhaps not a priority for everyone, the connection with FEW, Aiwakai and Japan offers the possibility of a stable future for our members.

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